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Welcome pepeL

Hellowww, I am dedicated to hosting services focused on privacy and other types of various services for Latin America and the world. Here in Latin America, very few people care about their privacy online these days, and there is very little support here. So feel free to use the services I host :D

Services list

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- Your services are running behind cloudflare?

> No, fuck cloudflare

- How I can ensure you are not collecting any data?

> The NGINX configs and other configs are available here, they are on different branches so explore whatever you want, if you find something that is not very privacy respecting into the Privacy Oriented services configs, contact me via matrix: @fijxu:matrix.org (I'am always available there, it's not dead). - Discord? > NO, FUCK YOU

- How I can TRUST YOU?

> Like, do you trust GOOGLE with your data right? So there is not problem in trusting a random person of internet that fights for online privacy rather than a big corporation selling your data RIGHT?

Administering a mail host is sort of like being a nurse; there's a brief period at the start when the thought of seeing people's privates might be vaguely titillating in a theoretical sense, but that sort of thing doesn't last long when it's up against the daily reality of shit, piss, blood, and vomit. Now that I think about it, administering a mail host is exactly like being a nurse, only people die slightly less often.
- Why are your privacy oriented services running on Chile and not US?

> Because of the 3 letter agencies (yes, they glow a lot) that exists on the US, also i don't want everything running on the same country where i host everything. Regarding to the selfhosted services, they are far more secure and trustable since they are running literally on my home, so i have total control over them and if something goes wrong i don't need to contact support. The only downside is if someday the internet went down by a long time, that services will not be available, but that happens rarely.

- Do you have any donations link?

> Here. I accept Monero, ETH, and BTC. Also donations trough Ko-Fi and BuyMeACoffee. Every dollar counts; Help me to get a better server on Chile to provide a better stability, speed and latency to the other countries (since my current provider just offers me 60Mbit/s, some times it's kinda unstable and is fucking shit, but it's what I can pay for now)