Last Updated: 2023-10-25 (ISO Format)

There is no much to say about why i created my own instance, but i was BORED AF searching for a good matrix homeserver without politics shit, corrupted admins deleting accounts, no transparency, not being blacklisted (ACL Ban) on matrix.org or other well-known homeservers, no illegal shit, good overall latency, etc.

You can't ever know how the instance admin actually manages the server, if it updates it or is snitching media files, how is the security, The admin updates the server?, The admin will some day get a subpoena because of bad actors on the server?, The admin does snapshots? NO DB BACKUPS (like vern.cc HUGE DATA LOSS; Btw not being mean with vern.cc sysadmins, they hosted a lot of good services and i was using them, i appreciate that, but for some reason they lose everything on their DBs HOW???? and they are down most of the time now... Pretty sad).

At the start i was like: "I should create my own instance?, it will be worth it?" + who tf in this world would want a @zzls.xyz after his username, what a shitty domain name that i registered in ~2022 Q1, but now i don't give a fuck

I prefer to have control over my data and is far more easy to troubleshoot the server since it's on my home and not in a remote server. I can migrate it easily to other drive, if something fails i just fix it and i don't need to wait for tech support and shit, etc.

So yeah, after some weeks i decided to create my own homeserver for private use for now and probably forever, but you can request an account if you want, is hosted on Chile, you can do ping selfhost.zzls.xyz in a terminal to measure the latency

See the Matrix server technical specs bellow

Update 2023-04-14

I changed the Matrix implementation to Synapse, dendrite lacks a lot of features and it has problems with bridges like mautrix-whatsapp and mautrix-discord

Matrix server specs